Modern, accounting board room household furniture for lease contract for management meetings. The Signet Executive Mother board Room household furniture is a first class, professional accounting meeting area ideal for management retreats and company executive gatherings. With 3 full-service govt board bedroom tables, it is the perfect choice for your forthcoming business meetings.

3 executive board room dining tables, each having its own completely unique styling, are available for lease. Every board desk has been constructed from solid hardwoods like maple and oak. This features a high-gloss black finish off and is finished with a protective, textured black stain. This textured silk finish makes the furniture spot resistant, bending and corrosion resistant and creates an elegant, stylish presence. For additional versatility, the Votre Sasso Enorme Executive Beverage Table exists in three models: Windsor, Ls and Casual. The Le Sasso Grand Cocktail Stand is designed for easy mobility, featuring a single cabinet top and an elegant beveled black finished top with a polished chrome frame.

The Label Executive Drink Table can be constructed out of a sole piece of wood that has been attractively finished and stained. The beveled edging pieces along the tabletop adds a professional, yet magnificent feel towards the piece. It really is finished with a protective, bumpy black stain and has a single drawer having a pull-out computer keyboard. The ergonomically designed, wing style keyboard enables easy access for all of the facilities while the single drawer style provides enough storage for every your business credit cards, files and stationery.

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