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Unique Problems Faced By Male Survivors

There is certainly great societal denial to the fact that guys have intimately assaulted. Odds are– aside from the sporadic bad jail joke–most of us don’t ever read about the main topic of male assault that is sexual. The necessity to reject the presence of male intimate attack is partly r ted within the mistaken belief that guys are resistant to being victimized, which they must be able to fight any attacker off if they’re a classic “real guy.” A closely associated belief is guys can’t be forced into intercourse– either it is wanted by them or they don’t.

These mistaken values enable lots of men to feel safe and invulnerable, also to consider intimate attack as something which only occurs to females. Unfortuitously, these values may also greatly increase the pain sensation that is believed with a survivor that is male of attack. These philosophy leave the male survivor feeling separated, ashamed, and “less of a person.

No wonder so few males actually have assistance after being intimately assaulted. The truth is just 5 to 20percent of all of the victims of intimate attack really report the crime– the portion for male victims is also reduced. Emotions of pity, self-blame and confusion leave lots of men suffering in silence after being intimately assaulted.

Here are a few of the problems that are unique concerns that male survivors may experience

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